Data + Communications

Data skills fused with this high level of communications experience are rare.
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Data Analytics|Engineering|Science

ETL and Analysis

Blue Witness

Human Rights First is an independent advocacy and action organization that challenges America to live up to its ideals. We believe American leadership is essential in the global struggle for human rights, so we press the U.S. government and private companies to respect human rights and the rule of law. When they fail, we step in to demand reform, accountability, and justice. Around the world, we work where we can best harness American influence to secure core freedoms.

Machine Learning and UX

Air B&B Predictor

Our Airbnb app will return the optimal price for listings based on specific features such as location, property type, review rating score, host verification, bedrooms/bathrooms, amenities, accommodations, etc. It solves the problem by predicting how certain features affect the price of a listing.

Data Analysis

Kansas City BBB

I was commissioned to explore and discover economic patterns related to business firms across the United States. After uncovering trends in the data, I visualized them to incorporate into the team’s grant proposal to explain why specific demographics needed more grant funding compared to others.


Audio Engineering

Bleav in the Business of Fitness

The business of Fitness highlights elite companies, owners, and consultants in the health and wellness industry that have built sustainable brands in the health and wellness space.


Prairie Earth Tours

Casey Cagle, owner, and operator of Prairie Earth Tours gives us a quick look at the Dr. Jim Hoy tour. Cagle also tells us why his Flint Hills specific tour are different from other touring trips that you may have taken.
Produced by: Ian Knight
Music: Doctor Turtle “His Last Share of the Stars
freemusicarchive.org CC


Divine 9 Webinar

Black Greek Letter Organizations have addressed testing and vaccination disparities among Black Americans in the Heartland. Representatives from the Divine 9 and our RADxUP (Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics among Underserved Populations) team shared and compared what they’ve done in communities across the state of Kansas to address testing and vaccine disparities. This special town hall is a continuing series of discussions to address COVID 19 disparities throughout the heartland and how organizations may partner. The conversation was led by Mr. Broderick Crawford


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