My Story

What I Do

My combined communications, management, and data engineering skills allow me to translate complex information into easily-digestible communications across multiple business units. Recognizing patterns in data and motivating others to complete organizational goals makes me the perfect leader to analyze current business objectives to recommend future actions. My background in research promotes a growth mindset that feeds my unquenchable thirst for knowledge to seek information on topics and issues to solve organizational problems.

What My Past Taught Me

Enjoying the scenic view after a good hike.

Throughout the years, I’ve learned a lot about my personal strengths. I listen well and motivate others to get critical work done. I’m the catalyst that makes people want to get things done. Most people see my enthusiasm, focus, logic and want to contribute to the outcomes. I always seek new challenges to push myself and gain new insights to help others. I take the initiative to learn things I do not know instead of relying on others to teach me. At the same time, I realize when I need help and seek it through my peers, mentorship, or paid programs.


Research & Entrepreneurship

End of the year Christmas Party with a few of my clients.

Anything done in the digital space is consistently refined, upgraded, or emerging. I like to research new topics and play with them in my projects. It’s nice to use my skills to build something I want to see. Most of my experiments are used to help others develop their own business or assist in my volunteer ventures.

Holistic Health Coaching

Enjoying the scenic view after a good hike.

When I’m not working, I’m focused on my health. I enjoy kayaking, hiking, yoga, and exploring the human body to help my clients and myself live with intention. It’s impossible to separate nutrition from our health. After gaining my sports nutrition certification, I quickly realized that I could do more at home. That’s when I started my garden. I love spending time reading and researching different grow techniques and plant foods to increase the quality of our veggies. I smell an e-book in the future. “Cooking with the coach 2022 – Let’s Make America Healthy, For Once”.

Media Studies & Digital Trends

The effects of the media on our everyday life is fascinating. If I told you that beanie babies are the reason we sell things online, would you believe me? What if I said reality TV didn’t start in the 2000s, but in 1992 with Jerry Springer? Check out my write-up of the “Americanization of Anime.”

Recommended Readings

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Favorite Pieces

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