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What Is Blockchain and How Is It Used?

Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a network. A blockchain is made up of individual blocks stored in chronological order. Blockchain technology, originally thought to only be helpful for banking purposes, has been adopted across various industries. Virtually everything is on the table. From smart homes to fully automated police stations, the future is here.

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What My Past Has Taught Me

As I’ve navigated life, I’ve learned quite a bit. I used the word life on purpose because work and life are not separate. We spend, on average, 40 hours at our job. Once you’ve moved into management or run a business, it’s closer to 70 hours. There are 240 hours in a week, meaning we spend 29.17% of our time working. It’s imperative that the work I do matches with value. Thinking back to the people who have had the most profound effect on me and what I want to be remembered for, my values which are: risk-taking, entrepreneurship, service for others, humility, integrity, intelligence, and strength. 

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