Numbers Don’t Lie

Areas of Competence

Fusing my background in marketing communications with my data science skillset allows me to communicate effectively across all business entities to ensure goals and objectives are accomplished on time. Visualizations are essential to ensure that everyone on the team comprehends how our past work has influenced our current position.

Data Engineering and Analysis

scraping data from the web is relatively simple, but transforming that data, loading it to your database, and then pulling it and analyzing it for trends to solve business problems is a separate process. It’s a good thing it’s my more substantial area of coding.


Communication is the most critical skill when working with others. To craft effective, polished messages takes attention to detail and a deep understanding of your audience. I’ve been doing it for years in many industries.

Project Management

People are a company’s most valuable asset. I excel at motivating those people to get critical work done. Managing budgets, timelines, and people is a lot of work, but it is rewarding when you can see the work change lives.


From market research to full-on journal publications, I’m a researcher by trade, which shows in my work. My steps are carefully calculated, and it shows in the results.

Data Engineering/Analysis

Come see what type of data I’ve been working on.


I’ve been writing for years. Let me tell you a story.


Marketing campaigns, public relations, graphic design. I’ve done it all. Let’s see what’s new.